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Doug Milne is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Circuit Civil Mediator. Most disputes he helps bring to successful resolution involve commercial transactions, real estate, contractual matters and estate proceedings. Milne knows full well the value of mediation as a meaningful form of dispute resolution. The benefit of pursuing every effort to resolve disputes through experience as a practicing attorney has generated a wealth of practical knowledge and skill level in effectively working with competing interests to achieve workable solutions. Many people nowadays are realistically choosing mediation as to formal court proceedings. Conventional litigation is normally expensive and time consuming, and often causes irretrievable damages to valued, long time relationships.

Mediation for civil disputes places total control in the hands of those affected: the disputing parties. Communications based, the process brings everyone together for candid and meaningful dialog, facilitated by the neutral mediator. The job of the mediator is to guide the discussion and keep things focused on the outcome. The mediator, while often an attorney (as with Milne) does not serve as an attorney in the mediation process, but rather as facilitator for and between all parties

The Milne Buckingham office is conveniently located on the west side of Jacksonville, and has a variety of private conference and breakout rooms to assure a smooth flow for the mediation process to work.

“Needed a legal advice pertaining a complex project I was working on. Mr. Milne took me under his wing and helped me formulate the best course of action in my business. I was greeted pleasantly by his office staff over the phone, was set up with a free consultation and a quick follow up appointment. Document handling was very swift as well.”

– Orazali

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