Estate Planning & Health Care Directives

Estate planning is a sensitive subject many people find uncomfortable. In addition to considering one’s own mortality and plans for disposition on death, consideration often must be given to potential family discord and the need to make important decisions long before one is no longer able. Prudent estate planning and documentation can save your family much potential expense, pain and confusion. Milne Buckingham is equipped and well experienced to help you work through these issues.

There is also the need for prudent planning with respect to allowing others to make important decisions in your behalf. Examples include durable powers of attorney, healthcare surrogate designations, and living wills. These instruments can be invaluable in time of need.

Creating plans for the end of your life and how your assets will be handled, and by whom, is not a particularly difficult process, though it can seem confusing and intimidating to the layman. An experienced lawyer can be invaluable in drafting the appropriate documents, assuring as far as possible there is no question about your intentions, and that things will be handled the way you wish. Milne Buckingham is well experienced in providing these services.

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